ITSM Software

MSM Beyond IT - a Service Management tool for all

Initially adopted as an IT service management software tool, Marval's customers soon realised that the software could be just as effective a solution when utilised in other areas of the organisation requiring service and support, and not just for IT.

Marval's MSM is now also being used worldwide for non IT related activities including:

MSM for HR - perfect as a HR request management system, a fast and easy to use web self-service portal enables requests and changes to be managed and approved; from a payroll enquiry to booking a training course.

MSM for Shared Services - ideal for organisations wanting to deploy a shared services approach, MSM provides secure partitioning with comprehensive auditing and access control features.

MSM for Fleet Management - all vehicle related issues, including breakdowns, damages, supplier management of parts and accessories along with resource scheduling can, and are, managed using MSM. The lifecycle of a vehicle is fully documented, audited and can be reported on.

MSM for Facilities Management - for building maintenance and wider management of an organisations' estate, planned maintenance tasks are easily scheduled, managed and allocated. The MSM web self-service portal enables fast registration, tracking and communication of requests either from a PC or mobile device. Anything from a faulty generator, radio mast to a broken window can be reported.

MSM for Transportation Services - for one public sector customer MSM helps ensure that daily transportation needs of over 12500 students from 76 schools are met. MSM is used to record and track any, and all 'busing' issues, including; travel delays, route cancellations, road closures, accidents or on-board incidents and provides accurate reports on service delivery and performance. Easy to configure business rules ensure requests are managed in the most efficient way, ensuring nothing is lost, ignored or forgotten - especially the students.

Marval has been providing service management software solutions since 1989.  It is acknowledged as both a thought leader and innovator, combining the very latest in technical innovation with industry best practices and standards. It pioneered the concept of an integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) tool, making it part of an all-encompassing approach to the management of organisations' IT estate.

Marval software solution - MSM has been implemented by organisations across diverse sectors worldwide, including ICT, Local and Central Government, Construction and Engineering, Education, Emergency Services, Healthcare, Publishing, Telecommunications, Automotive and Utilities. Organisations that have realised the benefits by improving their support services whilst reducing costs, increasing productivity and efficiency and ensuring organisational and customer confidence is maintained.

Marval is committed to the on-going development of integrated Service Management software, consultancy and education - in whatever area an organisation may need to deliver service excellence - not just for IT.