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  • You Have Been Warned: How To Respond Effectively To Security Breaches

    Posted by: Chris Harris

    By Chris Harris, Support Analyst, Marval Software
    According to the Global ISACA report, 83% of organizations believe that cyber attacks are among their top three threats.
    It’s hardly surprising. Cybercrime becomes more aggressive day...

  • Making a Difference: How ISO20000 Can Help Form Good Habits in Customer Service

    Posted by: Richard West

    “Good habits formed early make all the difference”. This quote by Aristotle is very relevant to the culture and operations at a Service Desk that really wants to make a difference in Customer Service. Read on and I’ll show you...

  • Change Management Is All About People… And Physics

    Posted by: Greg Pritchett

    To quote ancient philosopher Plato, “The City is what it is, because our Citizens are what they are”. Spot on: People have always been an organization’s greatest asset – and challenge.
    By Greg Pritchett, Managing Director...

  • A Race Against Time

    Posted by: Dean Johnson

    By Dean Johnson, Application Support Analyst, Marval Software
    The phone rings - and the race begins. When you work at a busy Service Desk, the day can be a race against time. The moment you log the customer’s call in the system, the...

  • Girl Talk: From A Geek To Another

    Posted by: Jess Hill

    By Jess Hill, Application Support Analyst, Marval Software

    See this photo? This is me, age 13. Confused, a bit sad, feeling alone and occasionally angry at the universe but mostly just in total denial –a normal teenager, I suppose. As...

  • Above and beyond the call of duty

    Posted by: Julian Ratcliffe

    By Julian Ratcliffe, Sales Coordinator, Marval Software
    Last week, prior to going away for a long weekend in Chester, I ordered a t-shirt from a very well- known and popular high street retailer. Deciding that I wanted to take it with me for the...

  • Ready-To-Act: A Quick Step Guide For Managing Major Incidents

    Posted by: Dr Don Page

    In a perfect world, requests would be managed promptly and efficiently, major incidents would never happen and customers would always be happy.
    Perfect worlds simply do not exist. But this is the real world, stuff hits the fan. Seconds of...

  • From Floppy Disks to Digital Transformation: A Nostalgic Review of IT Service

    Posted by: Robert Hall

    By Robert Hall, Support Analyst, Marval Software
    Thinking back to when I started working in IT during the late 1980s, I can remember a number of things that have long since disappeared from everyday use. For example, the 8- inch floppy...

  • What Could Go Wrong With Your ITIL-based Service Improvement Programme?

    Posted by: Dr Don Page

    By Dr. Don Page, ITSM Strategic Director, Marval Software
    I cannot stress this enough: There is NO such thing as a failed ITIL implementation.
    There is no such thing as a failed implementation, simply because ITIL is not just another...


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