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  • Service Management Leadership: Top 7 Qualities Your Service Desk Must Have

    Posted by: Richard West

    By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Marval Software
    We live in exciting times. Within the past decade, organizations have entered a whole new era. What used to be a straight forward sales interaction, is now an `in it for the long haul`...

  • A day on the Service Desk

    Posted by: Robert Hall

    Today I drove to work via my usual route at the start of a week of ‘earlys’. This means I am covering the hours of 8 am till 5 pm. The longer days in February mean I am driving in daylight and the Auto setting on my car actually switched...

  • It takes one to know one. Woman in Technology, that is.

    Posted by: Rhonda Ritchie

    By Rhonda Ritchie, Software Development Project Manager, Marval Software
    It’s no news that our industry suffers low numbers of female workforce. Many ICT companies have been trying to address the issue for years, and practices like...

  • 10 Common Mistakes in Service Management (and how we can avoid them)

    Posted by: Dr Don Page

    As most Service Desk professionals know, working at a Service Desk is not easy. In fact, it can be extremely difficult. Most Analysts have to deal with an excessive workload already, while managing incoming customers’ requests and trying to...

  • Room With A View: What Your Service Desk Gives Out About Your Business

    Posted by: Richard West

    Poor customer service has an impact on your business. And this impact is clear, loud, immediate and long-lasting.
    By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Marval Software
    According to the Gartner CEO Survey 2016, CEOs have three top business...

  • Are you off base with your Knowledge Management System?

    Posted by: Alex Hocking

    “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything”, quoted ancient historian Xenophon. When it comes to your knowledge base, this couldn’t be more true.
    By Alex Hocking, Senior ITSM Consultant, Marval Software
    If you are the...

  • ITSM goes global

    Posted by: Mon Dulay

    Supporting your organization’s global strategy can be a real struggle. More than any features, you need tools that empower people to embrace change.
    By Mon Dulay, ITSM Business Development Manager, Marval Software
    We live in a...

  • Sheep and Lions: Taking the Lead in your Business Transformation Journey

    Posted by: Greg Pritchett

    As they embark their business transformation journey, many senior management executives worry whether their teams are ready to follow. The real question, though, is whether they are ready to lead.
    By Greg Pritchett, Managing Director at Marval...

  • Women in Tech: Be proud or be loud?

    Posted by: Poonam Patel

    The 11th of February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Is this a reason to celebrate? For Marval, it certainly is.
    By Poonam Patel, HR Manager at Marval Software
    The ICT industry has a lot to be proud of. From...


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