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  • What To Ask From Your ITSM Demo (And Still Enjoy The Experience!)

    Posted by: Jess Hill

    By Jess Hill, Application Support Analyst, Marval
    So, you have decided that you need a new ITSM tool to help your Service Desk provide better quality and lower cost customer service. How can you make sure you make the most of your demos, so you...

  • Is It “ERP vs ITSM” Or “ERP plus ITSM”?

    Posted by: Robert Hall

    By Robert Hall, Support Analyst, Marval
    Information Technology in enterprises today has taken on an essential, centralised role. There are no departments or operations that do not use some kind of IT equipment, even if it’s just a simple...

  • Service Management in the Fintech Era

    Posted by: Hassan Elahi

    By Hassan Elahi, Support Analyst, Marval
    Only a few years ago, retail banking was exclusively held at high street branches, where customers and staff would meet in person and spend time discussing about products and options, while developing a...

  • Reinventing Marval: Our Transformation Journey

    Posted by: Greg Pritchett

    In 1989, Don Page and I had this mad idea about developing a tool that would reinvent the way service was delivered - bringing people before process and technology and evolving ticketing systems and Help Desks to Service Desks. Totally invigorated,...

  • Three Common Mistakes organizations Make in Customer Service

    Posted by: Richard West

    By Richard West, Service Desk Manager, Global Service Desk, Marval

    A recent Forrester report stated that “it’s not enough to be customer-centric; companies should be customer-obsessed”. Personally, I couldn’t agree...

  • Key Changes The GDPR Will Bring To Your Organisation

    Posted by: Chris Harris

    By Chris Harris, Support Analyst, Marval
    The General Data Protection Regulation is coming into force on the 25th of May 2018 - that’s less than a year. The countdown has begun for organizations all over the globe to comply with the new...

  • ITSM Integrations: From “Compatible” To “Interoperable”

    Posted by: Harry Newman

    So, you are about to elevate your service delivery by investing in a brand new or existing ITSM tool. Before jumping into your next investment, here are a few things to consider.
    By Harry Newman, Technical Consultant, Marval
    Just a few...

  • Why ISO/IEC 20000 Gives ITIL The Force It Needs To Be Successful

    Posted by: Dr Don Page

    In 2017, the number of organizations which are ISO/IEC 20000 certified globally has increased by 45%, compared to 2011; while in the UK has dropped by 47%! I’ve got to admit, I find this very worrying.
    By Dr Don Page, ITSM Strategic...

  • CSI: More Than A Cop Show

    Posted by: Julian Ratcliffe

    By Julian Ratcliffe, Sales Coordinator, Marval
    The other evening, I was watching a program about some disgruntled commuters who decided that they could run London South East railways more effectively than the current franchise holders; so got...


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