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Marval Redefines Service Management and Helps Oraganizations Improve Customer Service and Make an Impact

Marval, a leading provider of Service Management solutions and services, announced today a new approach to Service Management that exceeds the industry’s traditional circumference and helps organizations adopt a customer-centric culture for the future.

Based on a holistic, enterprise-wide review of Customer Service, Marval’s Service Management solutions help businesses meet critical objectives, improve sustainability and long-term success, and empower their people to make an impact.

“At Marval, we see technology for the change it can bring to people’s lives; and we want this change to be positive, disruptive and catalytic”, commented Greg Pritchett, Managing Director at Marval. “We believe in people’s ability to change things and make a positive impact, when they are inspired and enabled to do so. Technology and processes are the vehicle we use to empower people and organizations make an impactful difference in their operations and work and personal lives, as well as to other people; driving sustainability and business success. This is Service Management of tomorrow, and Marval and our Partners are ready to deliver.” 

Marval’s approach helps Service Management Professionals provide a great customer experience, by:

·         Ensuring alignment of key operational goals with the business strategy

·         Increasing accountability, competency and engagement within the Service Desk

·         Promoting collaboration and continual improvement

·         Instilling and fostering a solid customer-centric culture

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