MSM Software

Q: Does Marval North America offer a subscription-based pricing model, such as Software As A Service (SaaS)? 

A: Multi tenancy SaaS is not currently available from Marval but is expected later in the year. SaaS can be delivered now but on a single tenancy per customer basis. 

Q: How long does it take to log a quick call, for example a 'password reset'? 

A: MSM provides a quick call function, which can record standard calls and major incident requests in around 5 to 10 seconds. How we achieve this is simple: you pre-configure how you want the call to be handled, and MSM simply takes over and logs it, while at the same time placing it into a 'closed state'. It also updates all the internal service clocks and classifications. 

Q: How many calls and assets can I store in MSM? 

A: Within any single MSM database, you can store up to two (2) million records. In addition, you can create archive databases which can be accessed in real-time from MSM. 

Q: I am an outsourced IT service supplier, what are the benefits of my company using MSM software?

A: Because of extensive and thoughtful database development, you can manage all of your customer contracts and service offerings in one tool. You can present your customers with a web view of their own service requests without the need to purchase additional resources. Once your service or maintenance contract is in place you can feel confident that your staff will be free to get on with managing the service that your customers demand. 

Q: I am just starting out and in the short-term, I only want to set up a Service Desk to look after my customers. Can I use the Marval tool just for this function? 

A: Certainly! What's more, other essential functions such as Problem and Change management, Service Level Agreements and Reporting are supplied as part of the standard MSM package at no extra cost. When you decide to progress you just 'enable' these features. 

Q: I am replacing my current help desk system, but I want to retain some of the information stored in it, for example: our customer details, classifications, priorities of some solutions, etc. How can you help with this? 

A: Marval North America proved extensive bulk import, export, and update utilities for getting data in and out of the MSM system. As long as you can extract your current data into a normalized, comma-separated file we can handle it. 

Q: I currently use Crystal Reports with my current tool but it's really difficult to use and requires different reports for even a slight change. Does your tool allow this add-on reporting tool? 

A: Yes, you can use Crystal Reports with MSM. However, MSM comes with its own very powerful reporting tool, which allows you to create graphs (line, bar, pie). In addition, the reports can be produced instantly from any screen, and management statistical reports, which in many systems can take hours to produce, take seconds to produce in MSM. 

Q: I have HP OpenView for monitoring my network and disks, where all events go to several consoles. Can I import these into MSM easily? 

A: Yes. MSM supports and integrates a large number of system management, automation, and security tools, whose prime functions are to monitor various aspects of your computer infrastructure (eg. computers, networks, applications, and security access). Upon an event being identified, many of these tools can generate an alert, which can be automatically registered and updated in MSM, while at the same time notifying support staff or third party support organizations. 

Q: I have just purchased Microsoft SMS for collecting asset information. Can I import this data into MSM? 

A: Yes. Once you have decided what information you want SMS to collect, you can output the results into MSM. 

Q: I know to get my service working properly I need to implement Incident, Problem, Asset and Config, but I don't have the resources or cash to do it all at once. Can I implement them over time? 

A: Yes, and we would normally recommend that our customers adopt a phased approach. You can rest assured in the knowledge that when ready to implement, all the components will work together in a single integrated environment. 

Q: Is MSM a web application? 

A: MSM is delivered in two models, a 100% web based version, for both support staff and customers and a client-server application, with a customer web portal

Q: Is MSM ITIL® compliant?

A: MSM has been verified as ITIL compatible by PinkVERIFY for the maximum 15 ITIL processes.

Q: Our biggest customer complaint is that we don't keep them informed. How can the Marval solution help?

A: This is an important area where MSM can really help you. MSM provides extensive and easy-to-use functions for automatically keeping both support staff and the customer informed via e-mail. This can be done throughout the lifecycle of the request, for example: when a request is first logged, when an engineer has been called out, when a change request or task has been scheduled, when the request is completed, etc. In fact, at any stage when you feel the customer needs to be kept informed, you can trigger an e-mail notification.

Q: We are a Microsoft partner and make extensive use of Microsoft products throughout our business, why can't I simply use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage my IT Services rather than looking to a third-party product?

A: Microsoft CRM 4 has become a key player in the CRM market-place, however its functional approach focuses primarily and extensively on Sales and Marketing and Contact Management. Whilst "Service Cases" can be logged against contacts there is no out-of-the-box ITIL® functionality. This functionality can be mapped into the Microsoft tool, but it is a time and resource intensive process. An additional consideration would be the lack of an integrated CMDB.

Designed specifically for Service Management, MSM is installed complete with pre-configured, customizable templates and ITIL workflows as standard; so that your ITIL journey to service excellence can begin immediately.