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Practical Service Level Management Workshop

Marval North America's Practical Service Level Management (SLM) Workshop confirms the importance and value of SLM to your organization. SLM is responsible for proposing, negotiating, agreeing and maintaining Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and the establishment and maintenance of Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) and Underpinning Contracts (UCs). Successful SLM drives the Continual Service Improvement Program and plays a key role in developing and maintaining good work relationships between the organization and IT department.

As the workshop progresses, you will gain a clear understanding of the steps, activities, key performance indicators and critical success factors required to successfully implement and maintain SLAs and OLAs in your organization.

The 2 day workshop is ideal for; Service level managers, IT service managers, service desk managers, team leaders and anyone involved in development, implementation and on-going maintenance of SLM.

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