ITSM Software

Functionality & Process Support

MSM encompasses full support for ITIL® standards and best practice frameworks, MSM will meet an organization's current and future needs, IT Service Management (ITSM) maturity and budget.

MSM provides you with everything you need for a totally integrated ITSM, service desk or helpdesk software solution that can be used by your whole organization.

Integration Utilities and Components

Image for Integration Utilities and Components

Marval provides a Web Service API into MSM, enabling HTTP integration with third-party systems and applications; allowing requests, contacts, configuration items and organisational units to be easily added and updated. Your customers (internal/external) are provided with the flexibility to automatically raise and update requests in MSM from these third party systems.

Support staff are freed up from handling low impact calls enabling them to save time and become more proactive in their approach.

MSM Mail Import

Functionality that frees up Service Desk staff from low impact calls as your internal/external customers are provided with the flexibility of registering their service requests via email, rather than phoning them in. They can automatically receive a receipted confirmation and unique call reference number.

MSM integrates with industry standard Microsoft Exchange Web Services and POP3 for inbound email.

MSM Event Monitor

This SNMP based monitoring utility enables you to automatically record major incidents, infrastructure events and affected services before they impact the business.

  •  Link into your own system management tools
  •  Automatically prioritise and assign to the right specialist or team
  •  Transparently link into the MSM CMDB
  •  Leverage your investment in systems monitoring and automation tools

MSM LDAP Integrator

Functionality enabling access to a company's centralised Directory Service e.g. Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory, of common organisational structure and contact information for the purpose of populating and continuously synchronising/updating such data into MSM's databases.

MSM Asset Discovery Integrator

Functionality that provides seamless connectivity between the MSM Service Asset and Configuration Management component and any ODBC compliant 3rd party discovery tool. This removes the need for manual data transfer between products and provides an accurate, real-time view of asset information for comparison with information held within your MSM CMDB.