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Process Support and Functions

Certified for 16 ITIL processes

Customers wanting to introduce ITIL best practice processes in their organizations have a head start with Marval MSM. Designed and built from the ground up to be fully compatible and aligned with the ITIL framework, Marval MSM, an on-premise or cloud-based service management software, fully underpins an organization’s service management approach. Support for all ITIL processes is included in the software as standard. Timing for the adoption and deployment of each process is determined by the customer to match their needs and maturity.

MSM Service Desk

MSM provides a single point of contact to drive the highest levels of first contact resolution, request fulfilment and customer satisfaction. It is specifically designed to provide a great customer experience.

MSM is the face of your IT department and in many cases, if end-users are contacting the IT service desk, it becomes face of the whole business.

MSM software enables you to record, manage, solve and report on customer issues and requests for service related to the usage of your IT Infrastructure, resources, software and IT services.

  • Standardize delivery of IT services and support
  • Provide support services faster, better and cheaper
  • Improve first time fix rates
  • Do more with less
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Improved communication
  • Demonstrate value to the business
  • Meaningful Reports and dashboards

MSM Incident Management

Utilize MSM's innovative approach for handling customer requests. By entering just a few simple pieces of information about the customer and their issue, you are provided with everything you need to deliver a great customer experience.

The MSM incident process guides you through the complete lifecycle from initial identification, recording, classification and investigation, through to resolution, call closure and communication.

The process is fully integrated with related processes such as Knowledge, Configuration, Service Level Management Reporting and real-time dashboards.

  • Instant picture of the customer’s current situation
  • Innovative business rules engine
  • Instant access to customer details and call histories
  • Useful Knowledge items, FAQs and checklists automatically presented
  • Best specialist and team selected from skills matrix
  • Easily link Incidents to Problems
  • Meaningful Reports and dashboards

MSM Problem Management

Automate and integrate key processes related to Problem Management, including: Identify and Classify; Investigation and Analysis; Workaround and Known Error; Root Cause and Resolution.

Easily customize ITIL Problem Management processes to support your IT team's unique requirements.

  • MSM can automatically close all linked incidents and notify end users
  • Automatically create, populate and link problem incidents, problem, change records and knowledge items
  • End-to-End View of the Problem Life Cycle - Get a 360-degree view of the ITIL Problem Management process with the ability to easily log, edit, track and report on problem records
  • Management Overview Dashboard - use the real-time MSM problem management dashboard and quickly see your key problem metrics in a single view
  • Meaningful Reports and dashboards

MSM Change Management

ITIL-based visual workflows guide you through each core activity of Change Management. Use the visualization manager to know in advance how changes can impact your assets and eliminate conflicts, both upstream and downstream. After completing a project, use the post-implementation questionnaire to effortlessly conduct post-change analysis to understand how changes impacted timelines, expenses, or goals.

MSM Release and Deployment Management

MSM Release and Deployment features ensure changes (e.g. to IT services, software, hardware, members of staff) are organized, scheduled and released into production with minimum risk and customer inconvenience.

Marval customers use MSM for:

  • Easy to build release schedules and packages
  • Fast access to change forward schedules and workloads
  • Automatic CMDB update on a successful release
  • Extensive reporting on a release success or failure
  • Meaningful Reports and dashboards

MSM Event Management

Businesses rely on complex IT infrastructures composed of servers, storage, networks and a range of application components to support critical business services.

The MSM Event Monitor allows events detected from systems management, network-monitoring tools and your own scripts to be automatically recorded and managed in MSM. From this point the power of MSM automation takes over with support analysts assigned correction activities, the required SLAs, OLAs, UCs, priority and impact codes assigned, and the Service Desk and customers kept informed. All this before your end users and customers even know anything is wrong, leaving the Service Desk to focus on managing the customer's expectation and experience.

  • Automatically manage infrastructure events
  • Identify major incidents before the customer is impacted
  • Identify any affected services and related incidents
  • Notify the service desk, correct support team(s) and affected customers and service owners
  • maximize your investment in automation tools 
  • Meaningful Reports and dashboards

MSM Knowledge Management

Reduce service desk requests by providing "Google®-like" one-click access to federated knowledge searches of existing modules, PDFs, Microsoft® Office, and URLs. The powerful knowledge management features can help your service desk team, and your customers, improve resolution times by providing a repository to successfully capture, structure, and reuse service

MSM Request Fulfilment

Streamline and automate common service requests such as new employee take-on, requests for equipment, training requests etc. Users can easily select the desired service from the MSM Service Catalogue and track progress of their request using the MSM web self-service portal. Analysts can review, approve, and communicate to end users the status of the request.

MSM Service Asset and Configuration Management (CMDB)

MSM CMDB provides you with comprehensive and easy to use facilities for managing your organization's assets, inventory, contracts, licenses, configurations, attachments and user configurable attributes.

MSM CMDB is fast, easy to use, auditable, configurable, can be utilized by many different parts of your organization and is indispensable in the support of corporate governance.

MSM CMDB provides a visual and configurable graphical representation of dependencies and relationships with great reporting.

Use Marval MSM for:

  • Standard asset, inventory and computer equipment tracking and auditing
  • Configuration management and building/plant service management
  • Maintaining configuration items, relationships and their dependencies
  • Health and safety checks
  • Identify all assets required for disaster recovery
  • Track, audit and control your software licences
  • Track your maintenance and warranty contracts
  • Use MSM Service Reminders for warranty/contract expiry and renewal
  • All your CMDB reporting requirements
  • ISO/IEC 20000, ISO/IEC 27001, SOX, COBIT, ETOMS, audit support and Corporate Governance
  • Meaningful Reports and dashboards

MSM Service Portfolio Management

The  MSM Service Portfolio allows you to create and maintain the complete list of services (Catalogue Items) offered to customers with contractual commitments.

The service portfolio is the most important part of the MSM Management System to support all processes and business values.
The output of the Service Portfolio is one or several user configurable Service Catalogues which are created using the MSM webpage builder function.

The portfolio allows you to define persons or organizational units who can access which services, along with all the service attributes required in order to communicate the value of IT services and products by presenting a business view of available services, key costs, status, go live dates and quality metrics.

MSM Service Catalogue

Provides an actionable, easy-to-use service catalogue that presents to customers and organizational units only those specific services to which they are entitled.

Catalogue items can be graphically grouped and displayed in configurable service catalogue classes (e.g. technical, product, business, finance and service packages).

Catalogue items can be assigned access levels for additional security.

MSM Service Level Management

MSM offers the most powerful Service Level Agreement (SLA), Operational Level Agreement (OLA) and Underpinning Contract (UC) management in the industry.

The monitoring capabilities in MSM proactively warns you of pending SLA breaches and provides critical performance metrics. Easily track performance based on services, configuration items (CIs), customer levels, or any combination you choose. Learn to predict potential problems associated with the availability of your IT resources and performance before they become major issues.

Service Level Management is crucial for introducing and implementing reasonable expectations between you and the customers you support. It establishes a two way accountability for service which is negotiated and mutually agreed upon, helping you to meet customer expectations.

Effective Service Level Management is essential for building your service organization's credibility. It is a measure of how serious you are about providing support. Service Level Management is the basis for evaluation and improving service levels on an ongoing basis.

Marval customers use MSM software to:

  • Measure adherence to agreed customer service levels
  • Monitor and report on performance on Service Desk performance
  • Monitor and report on performance of first time fix rates
  • Monitor and report on performance of 2nd line teams
  • Monitor and report on performance of 3rd party suppliers
  • Be notified of SLAs about to breach
  • Report on the reasons for service breaches
  • Re-negotiate maintenance and supplier contracts
  • Match target achievement against customer satisfaction levels
  • Baseline existing service performance

MSM Financial Management

MSM provides extensive features for tracking, managing, reporting and identifying costs within your support operation - helping ensure you gain value for money from your IT investment.

Marval customers use MSM software to identify:

  • Value for money
  • Equipment costs and current valuations
  • Investments in a specific vendor or service
  • Overall maintenance charges
  • Cost of handling customer requests
  • Cost of service unavailability
  • Value of deliverables by contractors
  • Chargeback costs to departments
  • Charges for routine service tasks and activities
  • Expected maintenance costs over a period
  • Total cost of service end to end

MSM Service Continuity

Any incident, no matter how small, can have a major impact on your business, its credibility, financial viability and customer confidence.

MSM provides a wide range of features to support your IT service continuity plan, helping you to ensure the business or organization survives.

Marval customers use MSM software for:

  • Maintaining contact details e.g. key personnel, partners and suppliers
  • Storing business continuity and IT plans
  • Business impact prioritization
  • Disaster recovery manifest reporting
  • Critical business services and recovery times
  • Configuration of standard builds
  • An up-to-date asset and inventory register
  • Highlighting business critical services and underpinning infrastructure items

MSM Capacity Management

Inadequate or improper capacity management can affect a company's financial performance and impede its business prospects.
MSM Capacity management is the process used to manage your IT and Service Infrastructure. Its primary goal is to ensure that IT resources are right-sized to meet current and future business requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Activities are intended to optimize performance and efficiency, and to plan for and justify financial investments.
MSM Capacity management is concerned with Identifying, recording and reporting on capacity related issues, performance, trends and outcomes. For example:

  • Disk space shortage
  • Network performance
  • Lack of staff resource
  • Staff training issues
  • Capacity of an organization's processes performance

MSM Supplier and Contract Management

Having a central repository and an enterprise-wide, structured process to manage contract creation, management, auditing, approval  and execution can be complex with high consequences to not getting it right, with risk to both reputation and finances (for example missing critical renewal and termination dates), Marval MSM contract management functionality has been designed to address this issue.

  • A central repository and an enterprise-wide, structured process to manage contract creation and execution
  • Automated workflow for contract review and approvals
  • The ability to effectively manage contract milestones via automated alerts
  •  Obligations management capabilities and key performance indicators to improve contract compliance and performance
  •  Modify documents with word
  •  Set up proactive reminders and calendar alerts to ensure no important contract dates or milestones are missed.
  •  Contract Financial value recording & reporting

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