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Marval MSM for Education

Qualify your team to provide uninterrupted learning experiences;
so they pass any challenge with flying colours.

Academic institutions conform a vibrant, diverse and evolving community. IT Operations have extended responsibilities in this varied and breezing environment: from the administration of multiple learning sites and accommodation facilities, the provision of secure, smooth access to web, email, printing and other services, to the enhancement of teaching and learning, and the enablement of research and entrepreneurial activities. With cost and headcount reductions, and the increasing demands for convergence, your team has to deal with a real challenge.

Marval can help you deliver high quality, uninterrupted services to students, researchers, visitors and the academic and administrative staff, by:

  • Precipitating and simplifying processes for both your team and your customers
  • Integrating and supporting different operations and functions: from facilities management to finance and human resources
  • Reducing data safety and business continuity breaches
  • Facilitating teaching, learning and research with the introduction of innovative, comprehensive tools and technologies
  • Advancing your inclusion policy, with a homogenous and invariable approach towards different cultural and social styles
  • Enabling your organization to grow

Improve accessibility & inclusion:
With user-friendly self-service portal, easy to locate information, improved first time call and fix rates, knowledge management, automated emails and frequent communication to customers.  

Reach operational excellence:
With reduced administration, increased responsiveness, decreased operational expenditure, thorough risk assessment and accelerated change management. 

Support learning and research:
With recommendations on suggested service improvements and infrastructure upgrades, recorded processes, automation and improved availability of systems and services.

Cultivate cultural change:
With efficient cost and asset management, standardized processes, analytics and performance measurement.


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