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Central And Local Government and Shared Services

Marval MSM for Central and Local Government and Shared Services

Bring your IT Operations in public eye,
with service excellence for citizens and staff.

Public sector organizations have entered a whole new era. With emerging expectations for operational excellence and citizen empowerment, reforms and the ongoing convergence in operations, the CIOs are asked to provide consistent services to staff and the public, while managing technological advancements with limited resources and budget cuts.

Marval MSM software can help you keep up with the increasing pace of change, as well as:

  • Maintain high quality of service
  • Maximize the agility and availability of your infrastructure
  • Boost your team’s productivity
  • Increase operational efficiency and significantly reduce operational expenditure
  • Facilitate change management and the convergence of critical functions and operations
  • Drastically improve customer satisfaction

Invigorate your team’s motivation and job satisfaction:
With reduced administration, easy to locate information, improved first time call and fix rates, immediate access to knowledge articles, performance measurement and workload charts. 

Keep control of your resources and costs:
With user-friendly self-service portal, filters per site for people and assets, detailed inventory, time / cost reports, business analytics and accelerated change management. 

Promote IT governance excellence:
With automation, standardized processes, recommendations on suggested service improvements and infrastructure upgrades, links to web mapping services and efficient cost and asset management.

Strengthen safety and compliance:
With improved availability of systems and services, identification of possible liabilities, thorough risk assessment and real-time reports.




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