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Improve Service Level Management with Marval MSM ITSM Software

With the increasing number of contracts, suppliers and partners, service level agreements (SLAs), operational level agreements (OLAs) and underpinning contracts (UCs) are essential components to setting and managing customer expectations.

Our customers need to know that:

  • Their expectations are managed and communicated
  • They are being kept informed
  • We know, we care and we are willing to go the extra mile when it is most important (i.e. during critical business periods)

When it comes to our suppliers, we need to know:

  • If our service providers are capable of meeting future business demands and challenges
  • Whether our service provider delivers value for money
  • That we are making the best use of our resources and investments
  • That they are delivering a quality and accountable service, based on agreed targets and outcomes
  • If we are confident in their auditability and conformance to corporate IT governance

With such a diverse range of requirements, Marval MSM Service Level Management (SLM) provides you with a method to manage customers, internal support teams and 3rd party supplier expectations when receiving or delivering a service. With industry leading features, Marval MSM software will provide you with the information and analytics you need to help you eliminate breaches of any service agreement in place.

Other Marval MSM software features include:

  • Class leading Service Level Management
  • Innovative SLA breach monitoring and alerts
  • A clear picture of supplier performance and target achievement
  • Rapid identification of areas for SLM improvement

Marval MSM SLM Management will ensure no request is lost, forgotten or ignored.

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