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Finance Manager

Marval MSM Supports the Finance Manager

Financial Management, information and processes to support the scope of IT is challenging and continues to increase, whether it’s related to cloud or on premise usage.

Marval MSM software and supporting processes will help you obtain accurate and cost effective stewardship of IT services, assets and resources. You can use it to plan, control and recover costs expended in providing the IT services, negotiated and agreed to in a service level agreement (SLA).

To manage such a diverse scope, MSM software and its automation and user configurable features will enable you to:

  • Identify costs associated with your IT estate over their useful life
  • Increase confidence in setting and managing budgets
  • Ensure provision of accurate cost and chargeback information to support IT investment decisions
  • Deliver accurate cost information for determining the cost of ownership for ongoing service
  • Provide activity costing against user configurable activies (e.g. staff costs, travel costs, project costs, staff time spent costs, asset costs)
  • Identify what assets you have, where they are, how they’re used, and how they’re performing to enabler better decisions at any stage of an asset’s lifecycle
  • Eliminate unnecessary and redundant licences
  • More efficiently use IT resource throughout the organization
  • Increase professionalism of staff within the IT organization
  • Create interactive real time graphical dashboards and reports on activities performed, related assets and performance by a range of attributes (e.g. customer, supplier, service, asset type)

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