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Security Manager

Marval MSM Supports the Security Manager

Security is top in all businesses' agendas. With cyber security related issues being regularly reported, which can result in major financial losses and brand credibility being compromised, there is constant pressure on the security manager. In fact, this pressure is greater than ever.

At Marval, we consider effective security a major business enabler as it provides assurance that we have identified security risks and implemented controls that protect our personnel, clients and shareholders. Our intelligent ITSM solution, Marval MSM, is packed with unique features to help you to:

  • Support future growth opportunities in ever more challenging business environments
  • Provide the information and evidence to enable the writing of security related documents, such as incident reports, proposals, and tactical or strategic initiatives
  • Create and maintain security processes which comply to industry standards
  • Manage major security incidents and high-risk events throughout their lifecycle
  • Provide security related performance reports and outcomes
  • Plan security for special and high-risk events
  • Assist in emergency management and contingency planning
  • Maintain security standards with supporting evidence

Save time and money, increase efficiency and communication and improve the user and customer experience.

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