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Service Desk Analyst

Marval MSM Supports the Service Desk Analyst

As a service desk analyst you are often your customers' only window on the level of service, support and professionalism available by the business, along with meeting the communication needs of the business, customers, users, IT staff and our service providers and partners. You have to be in control, instill confidence and promote a professional approach. You are also a focal point for reporting disruptions or potential disruptions in service availability or quality and routine requests for services.

Marval MSM software can help you meet this challenge. Whether the customer is new or experienced, simply by entering a few key terms such as their name, id, query or asset number, Marval MSM software will automatically identify and present all the information you need for a great customer experience and quick fix. You will even be told about how they felt the last time they engaged with the Service Desk, so you are able to modify your approach.

Analysts often complain about having to spend their time laboriously, trawling their way through screen after screen of calls consisting of varied workloads. MSM's powerful access controls and views allow you to only see and access the activities you are authorized to access.

We know from experience that, as an analyst, you will always want to have your own personalized view of your assigned workloads. Marval MSM continues to save you time by allowing you to effortlessly configure and save your own colour coded views. Using the MSM graphical grid control, you can quickly sort, filter and select the calls, no matter the size of your workload.

Marval MSM software helps make first time fix rates a reality, not an aspiration.

Save time and money, increase efficiency and communication and improve the user and customer experience.

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