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Problem Management with Marval MSM ITSM Software

Disruptions (known as incidents) to services happen every day, whether it’s your PC crashing, your car not starting or the light in your kitchen failing. If any of these issues keep happening we need to investigate the problem, identify the cause of it and make changes to prevent recurrence of the incident.

In order to diagnose the underlying problem we need to investigate it thoroughly, but going through the incident history and any related information can be both very labour intensive and time consuming.

Marval MSM provides you with all you need to quickly identify the root cause and create a change request to solve it permanently, avoiding any more outages or disruptions, lowering costs and improving the reputation of IT Operations with the business.

Marval MSM software with innovative, easy-to-use features and underpinning problem management process will help:

  • Quickly identify, monitor, report upon and resolve problems - dramatically reducing outages and downtime
  • Provide useful insights to improve your business with easy-to-use reports, trends and dynamic dashboards
  • Reduce costs, boost customer satisfaction and help IT teams focus on delivering business solutions instead of fighting fires
  • Rapidly cross reference and match new or previous occurrence of matching incidents
  • Quickly and easily display high risk and business impact areas
  • Dynamically associate known problems with related incidents, promote problem records to change records, log problem records against appropriate Configuration Items (CIs)
  • Quickly isolate pain points and areas for investigation

MSM problem management fully integrates with all the key ITIL lifecycle elements, helping to achieve IT operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


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