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Automate Processes with Marval MSM ITSM Software

Marval MSM frees up your time to focus on key issues that improve service levels, allowing you to perform activities easier, faster, better and cheaper.

We often spend scarce time on mundane, repetitive tasks rather than on planning and resolving business critical issues. With its IT Process Automation and user configurable workflow, Marval MSM helps eliminate labour-intensive manual interactions, providing an intuitive approach that automates key processes, such as incident registration and prioritization, specialist assignment, management change approval and SLA assignment.

Marval MSM software frees up your time to focus on key issues that improve service levels, enabling you to perform activities easier, faster, better and cheaper. The extensive process automation functionality and features within Marval MSM will:

  • Allow new starters to hit the road running in a matter of minutes
  • Provide powerful, proactive features and functionality that help facilitate resolution of customer requests at first point of contact
  • Enable integration with systems management automation tools
  • Automatically create requests such as incidents, tasks, problems, changes
  • Automatically assign change approval requests to the right persons
  • Select, assign and prioritise the best specialist(s) to work on a request
  • Quickly associate with knowledge items and other records (problems, changes, events, etc)
  • Deliver simple, powerful lists and escalation views to help users keep on top of their work queues
  • Automatically ensure customers and support staff are kept informed as their requests are moved through their lifecycles
  • Provide automated Service Level Management assignment and escalation 
  • Ensure managers, team leaders and analysts receive no surprises

Customers never complain about being kept informed - Marval MSM does this automatically.

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