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Marval MSM for Healthcare

Foster your organization’s commitment to superb patient care
with safe, audit-compliant and efficient services.

Providing quality patient care can be a constant challenge for today’s Healthcare organizations. With information and personal data run on a number of devices, wearables, diagnostic tools and applications, and a complex, multi-operational environment, it is crucial to be able to meet the operational and safety requirements in this highly regulated sector; while helping your organization deliver outstanding patient experience.

Marval MSM IT service management software will enable you to provide high quality clinical and IT services to patients and clinicians and facilitate clinical and management commissioning decisions, by:

  • Ensuring governance and compliance with regulations and audits
  • Improving productivity of front line staff with comprehensive, reliable and secure IT systems
  • Eliminating complexity of process for the administration and maintenance of critical applications
  • Producing accurate reports that help accelerate decision making
  • Helping reduce the operational cost of infrastructure and application management
  • Advancing patient experience with smooth, uninterrupted operations

Reduce operational costs:
With automated processes, standardized delivery and increased control over the ICT/Clinical Infrastructure, assets and services, that helps improve efficiency and drive performance.

Facilitate processes:
With a flexible, user-friendly interface, self-service portal and an easy to configure and deploy environment; to be able to support any department or operation.

Ensure compliance:
With advanced security controls, personalized access levels, innovative escalation and breach monitoring; plus real-time measurement, dashboards and reporting.

maximize  results: 
With prioritization features, knowledge articles, workflow charts; that help reserve usage of expensive skilled resources, improve team collaboration and communication and increase job satisfaction.

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