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Improve the customer experience

Improve Customer Experience with Marval MSM ITSM Software

It’s a myth that it takes an endless supply of time and effort to create outstanding customer experiences. In reality, it takes people with the right culture, a can-do attitude and the right tool to do the job. That tool is Marval MSM.

Marval MSM eMSMs you to create and deliver an outstanding customer experience. The moment a customer calls the Service Desk, the analyst is put in the driving seat. MSM will instantly tell you all about the caller, their VIP status, their call history, how their last call was handled and what services and equipment they have. Incidents, advice, workarounds and solutions are instantly presented, based on the classifications entered by either calling the service desk or raising a request using the MSM web self-service portal.

If a suitable answer is found, Marval MSM will then classify and auto-close it, with a request asking for a customer satisfaction star rating along with any feedback. You can also automatically or manually request a focused customer satisfaction survey to be completed at  leisure.

Marval MSM's proactive approach enables you to remain in control of the user’s experience at all times.

Other MSM software features to improve customer experience and satisfaction rating include:

  • Customer are kept informed throughout the request's lifecycle
  • Automated service reminders and email notifications
  • Access via the MSM web self-service portal to:
    • Raise, query and close your own requests
    • Check service status
    • Approve or reject any change approvals
    • Make standard requests for service (e.g. order phone) 
  • Real-time graphical reporting
  • Customer SLA escalation and notification of any possible service breaches
  • Dynamic customer checklists

No customer ever complains about being kept informed.

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