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Improve Service Delivery with Marval MSM ITSM Software

The Marval MSM software solution and its innovative approach will support you in your journey to provide improved service delivery and the attainment of your operational excellence goal.

The provision and management of effective service delivery in a customer-centric environment is no simple task. From the setting of service standards that reflect customer-oriented measures to addressing issues like diversity and customer centricity, attitude and behaviour, and the implementation of a continual service improvement program to ensure that customer insight becomes the driver for continual improvement in service delivery… you are in for a challenge.

Service delivery is a component of business that defines the interaction between providers and clients where the provider offers a service, whether that be information, a task, or user defined activity. Good service delivery provides clients with an increase in value.

IT has its own set of standard service delivery practices that are followed by most companies. In these practices, service level management is as important as service level delivery. Service level management provides a framework where services are defined and levels of service support are agreed upon.

One of the most successful approaches is using ITIL. Throughout the service delivery process, service providers work to define the content of services, clearly stating the roles and responsibilities of customers and service providers, as well as quality and availability expectations and targets.

Marval MSM software supports service level agreements (SLA), operational level agreements (OLA) and underpinning contracts (UC). Service Level Management establishes clear goals for all three roles.



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