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Facilities/ Estates Manager

Marval MSM Supports the Facilities / Estates Manager

As a facilities and estates manager the scope of the role is very diverse; from overseeing the efficient and cost effective delivery of facilities and estates services as well as ensuring the implementation and ongoing compliance and standards.

Facilities management (FM) aspects may also include 'space and infrastructure' (such as contract and lease management, maintenance, furniture and cleaning) and 'people and organization' (such as ICT, HR, accounting, marketing, hospitality). With the number one priority of keeping people alive and safe.

To manage such a diverse scope Marval MSM software and its user configurable features can enable you to:

  • Strategically and tactically support business services and functions, helping clients, customers and end-users understand the potential impact of their decisions on the provision of space, services, cost and business risk
  • Operationally support business services and functions by ensuring a cost effective environment for people to function and receive a great customer experience
  • standardize the delivery of services
  • Ensure customer and stakeholder communication at every stage
  • Create and manage a comprehensive asset register
  • Quickly make business decisions based on informed evidence
  • Deliver planned maintenance schedules
  • Manage and schedule changes and routine tasks
  • Maintain evidence and adherence to supporting implemented standards
  • Implement good practice within the facilities and estates team
  • Quickly define standard and user configurable activities that can be used via a web portal
  • View asset history, related and planned activities
  •  Allow customers to check on the progress of their requests 
  • Raise and manage customer compliments and complaints
  • View interactive real time graphical dashboards and reports to report on asset and performance by an extensive range of attributes (e.g. location, user, service, asset type)
  • Ensure contract and supplier performance adherence to service level agreements
  • Track and register contracts and costs

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