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  • Aviation

    Improve your team’s collaboration, productivity and performance; so your customers’ satisfaction can take off.

  • Central And Local Government and Shared Services

    Bring your IT Operations in public eye, with service excellence for citizens and staff.

  • Education

    Qualify your team to provide uninterrupted learning experiences; so they pass any challenge with flying colours.

  • Emergency Services

    Discharge your resources and ensure uninterrupted delivery of service, when it is needed the most.

  • Energy and Utilities

    Fuel your team’s productivity, efficiency and performance with competitive, customer-centric services.

  • Financial Services

    Capitalise on your greatest assets, to provide your customers with a unique, personalized service experience.

  • Healthcare

    Foster your organisation’s commitment to superb patient care with safe, audit-compliant and efficient services.

  • Housing

    Be home and dry with IT Service Management, by accommodating your customers’ requests easily and promptly.

  • Technology and IT Service Providers

    Enable digital transformation across your Organisation, by nurturing cultural change.

  • Publishing

    Strengthen your team’s efficiency with customer-centric, documented processes; so your IT Services are an open book.

  • Retail

    Enhance the customer experience, with highly responsive applications and services.

  • Transport and Logistics

    Endorse your company’s expanded operations with a consistent and reliable service; either onsite or on the move.

My Industry is...

Marval MSM ITSM software has been implemented by organizations across many diverse sectors worldwide and is used for internal and external support and by providers of outsourced and managed services. organizations have realised the benefits by improving their support services whilst reducing costs, increasing productivity and efficiency and ensuring organizational and customer confidence is maintained.

Marval’s MSM provides an innovative, integrated and multi-level IT service management software that is reliable, secure and scalable. Our MSM ITSM software can support IT business services and various growth strategies of your organization.

Our MSM ITSM software is fully compatible with ITIL good practice frameworks and international standards, including ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO 27001. Marval MSM is developed to meet an organization’s current and future requirements, including their ITSM maturity, budget and operational preference.

Strategic benefits

  • standardize delivery of ICT services and processes
  • Improve efficiency of people and processes to drive performance
  • Improve 1st line and 1st time fix rates
  • Improve control of the ICT Infrastructure, assets and services
  • Deliver increased workflow and self service capability
  • Scalable service, process and customer design
  • Improve risk assessment, change and release
  • Support business decisions and improvements
  • Achieve cost savings based on economies of scale and standardized processes

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