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Energy and Utilities

Marval MSM for Energy and Utilities

Fuel your team’s productivity, efficiency and performance
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Not many industries have seen as many transformative changes lately, as the Energy & Utilities sector. Smart Grid, the development of new facilities, health and safety regulations, compliance with strict sustainability practices and the customers’ rising expectations - are just a few of the added challenges in this emerging, highly competitive landscape. With the demands running high and the tasks piling up, it’s time you released your people’s time, efficiency and skills.

Marval MSM software can help spark your people’s performance, motivation and satisfaction, by:

  • Adopting good practice frameworks and processes that help maintain consistency of service and keep disruptions to a minimum
  • Improving control over your assets, services and workflow
  • Increasing team collaboration and productivity
  • Accelerating decision making and change management
  • Ensuring governance, compliance and accountability
  • Helping you evaluate performance and produce measurable results

Increase competitiveness:
With fast and efficient response to incidents, improved delivery times, user-friendly self-service portal and easy integration with other business applications.   

Support corporate ethos and sustainability:
With reduced costs, minimised administration times, thorough risk assessment tools, identification of possible liabilities and recommendations on suggested service improvements and infrastructure upgrades.

Energise your team:
With standardized processes, workflow charts, real-time report dashboards, integrated knowledge management tools and documented decisions.

Ensure customer satisfaction:
With highly responsive front line service, easy to locate information, automated updates and frequent communication.

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