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Our History

Our History


I met Don Page in 1987 at Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven, Holland, where we both worked as systems and infrastructure architects. Soon Don and I discovered that we shared the same passion for improving service delivery and consistency, and started exploring ways to integrate effective processes into our jobs. We were practitioners before becoming a corporation!

By 1989, we were back in England and had moved to global roles at Philips Semiconductors. It was while working in this global production environment that a need to find a tool to underpin the teams of engineers and newly developed support processes was sought. After much research, Don and I concluded that there were no tools fit for purpose and decided to fill this void. Our company was born out of need for standardization, increased consistency in service delivery and continual service improvement.

Marval was founded in 1989 in Southampton, Hampshire, and delivered a revolutionary approach to Service Management, bringing people before process and technology. We believed (and still do) that people are any organization’s greatest asset – and great service is provided by great people, following great process and supported by great technology. As we realised that, in the future, enterprises would rely more and more on service management to maintain and nurture customer relationships, we developed the industry’s first people-centric platform for IT Service Management. Our ITSM solution, Marval Mpower, is built upon the theory that Processes are enablers for People and Businesses embarking on their journey to Business Transformation.

Marval has been a market pioneer in its approach. The company’s influence to formalizing and professionalising ITSM has been massive, including co-authoring four of the industry’s most popular standards:

- ITIL ® (Global ITSM good practice guidance)
- ISO/IEC 20000 (Global ITSM standard)
- BS 15000 (British ITSM Standard)
- Service Desk Institute Good Practice Guidance

In 1992, we relocated to Northamptonshire and started expanding our operations both in-country and internationally, keeping focus on our vision: To empower our customers to deliver operational excellence and a great customer experience. And that’s what we do, day by day, with our comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed around the modern organization’s needs. And with our people, who are our greatest asset.


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